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The Impact of Model United Nations Simulations on Student Diplomacy Skills

by Demet Üngör

Our Model United Nations Club organized a simulation on January 29th as a preparation for the upcoming MUNA 2024 Conference at the WHO Headquarters Building in Manila. Our students, along with guests from LFM School's MUN Club, engaged in diplomatic exercises, fostering collaboration and skill development.

Enthusiastic participants, including Cassandra Capinpin, Ayaana Singh, Navya Sharma, Reeja Subramanian, Ryan Weick, Yam Ben Ari, Audrey van Veldhuizen, and Mio Motschmann, added vibrancy to the event.

The collaboration with LFM School's MUN Club brought a dynamic element, broadening perspectives and emphasizing international cooperation.

Representing different countries, participants offered diverse insights on the safety and security crisis in Myanmar.

Success in the simulation was attributed to research, public speaking, negotiation skills, and fostering a deeper understanding of international crises.

Our Model United Nations Club is not just a platform for debate but a community where students actively engage in global issues, as demonstrated in this simulation. Congratulations to all participants for their outstanding contributions.

Well done, everyone!


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