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The Parents' Council's ANNUAL REPORT 2019/20

submitted by the GEB, GESM's Parent Advisory Council

The GEB is a core part of the school comunity as it is a group representing parents’ interest within GESM while supporting the mission of the school. We foster a good working relationship with all stakeholders(administration, Board, teachers and staff) in order to have a continuous flow of information and maintain effective communication between the school and the parents. GEB meetings are held monthly and are supplemented by sub-committee meetings throughout the school year as needed. The goal of the meetings is to encourage input from parents making it an effective platform for discussion of important issues in the school community. These issues are then presented at administrative and pedagogical meetings. School Activities: This year we are fortunate to have a dedicated and hard-working group of parents who played an active role in many school events and initiatives. Through active parent support, the GEB was able to spearhead and assist in some of the important activities in school namely:

  • First day of School – welcomed new parents during the First day of school as well as assisted in selling school shirts

  • First Parents’ Evening – introduced GEB to the school community and invited parents to participate by becoming a class parent representative, thus being part of the GEB

  • Welcome Back to School Party and Open House September 2019 – This was introduced by GEB last 2018 with the idea of providing a venue for parents to mingle and socialize in an informal atmosphere. It was was well received by the school community thus became a part of the school events.

  • Identity Week – first Parent-Teacher-Student activity organized by the school. The GEB lend a hand in the coordination and set up of the Food Buffet table showcasing dishes from various countries

  • PYP Re-accreditation – acted as an audience for the PYP department for them to discuss the latest developments with regards to the re-accredition of the PYP Program scheduled May 2020

  • Christmasfest 2019 – for the first time, the GEB was given the task to organize major school events in close coordination with the school management. This is also an opportunity for GEB to share its blessings with a chosen beneficiary

  • CAS Support – every year, the GEB invites students from the IBDP to volunteer and help out during events. Any amount earned from their designated booth is donated to their Prom Fund. Said amount hasn’t been turned over yet.

Fundraising: For the first time in several years, the GEB held a major fundraiser, the Lucky Draw 2019, which coincided with the celebration of Christmasfest. It was a huge success, raising almost Php80,000.00. All proceeds will be used to fund the Waste Segregation Bins Project. This project aims to enhance the existing waste management and segregation practice in the school. This is also in line with the school’s goal to be a “green school”.The target completion date for this project was supposed to be June 2020 but due to the school closure, this was put on hold indefinitely. Since this has already been presented and approved by the school administration as well as the Board, and funds have been earmarked specifically for this project, it will remain a priority project of GEB 2019-2020 until current conditions will allow such to be completed. GEB Committees:

  • Bus Committee - took the initiative of requesting from the school emergency supplies that should be available on board school buses (post Taal Volcano eruption)

  • Emergency Committee – checked the protocols as well as emergency procedures if they are up to date

  • ECA and EAA Committee –made sure all afternoon activities ran smoothly from a parent’s perspective thus making sure to have close contact with the ECA coordinator

  • Culture and Arts Committee – recommended events and activities that highlights the of the different cultures represented in the school via the GESM Parents Facebook Page

  • Festivities Committee – mainly responsible in organizing the School events like Christmasfest and Summerfest

  • Communications Committee – this year, the GEB was able to contribute articles and be part of the official school newsletter. The GESM Parents Facebook page was also made active again.

2019-2020 Parents’ Advisory Council Members

We would like to extend our appreciation to the class parent representatives who have generously volunteered their time as members of the GEB for the past school year. We are grateful for the hard work and dedication. We are thankful for the trust you have given us to lead GEB and be your voice in the GESM community. We would also like to acknowledge the parents who make themselves available to help in classroom and after school activities, class reading programs and other undertakings where parent involvement is needed. Thank you for your time. This is what makes our school community strong because parents make the time to be part of their children’s learning journey. Finally, we wish the new GEB members for 2020-2021 a successful year. Our school benefits from strong parent involvement and looks to the GEB for feedback and various forms of support. GESM is our children’s school. Let’s make their education and years spent at school as best as possible.

Thank you for a wonderful year. GEB Officers 2019-2020 Kimberly Hachey, Katja Milkereit,

Prima Donna Garcia and Kristine Almeida


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