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To the Parents of our International Secondary Students

by Valerie Cornelissen, International Secondary Coordinator

Today, our international secondary students enjoyed their annual sports day during which they battled one another for peer praise and personal satisfaction! Many of them delighted to spend the entire day doing something both physical and social.

Our secondary students are working well, and are making steady progress. Grades 6i to 9i will have their exam weeks on Tuesday, 26 May to Friday 5 June, so there is still plenty of time for all the subjects to practice. In the meantime, please refer to the assessment calendar sent out last January for all the other assessments that take place throughout the school year.

The IGCSE pairs that were discussed with grade 8i parents in February will be sent out next week. You will have 4 weeks to decide which path your child(ren) are willing and prepared to take. If you have any questions throughout this thinking process, please feel free to contact any of the subject teachers or me ( for guidance.

Our teachers would also like to send their praise to our grade 9i students who will have their DSD1 written exams next week. We wish them all the support and luck they need to prepare for this important language accomplishment and level of recognition. Please note that a special request has been sent to all grade 9i teachers asking them to refrain from giving tests or homework next week so the students have time to solely prepare and focus for this German exam. The DSD 1 (and IGCSE students) will have their orals on Monday 23 and Tuesday 24 of March.

Important reminders:

  • Thursday, 12 March: DSD 1 written examination for grade 9i students

  • Friday, 13 March to 1 April: mock exams for grade 10i

  • Friday, 20 March: Staff development day, no classes for students (all levels)

  • Monday 23 to Tuesday 24 March: DSD 1 and IGCSE oral examinations for grade 9i students.

  • Friday, 3 April: deadline for submission of IGCSE choices.

  • Wednesday (morning) 8 April: OJT presentations in Aula, grade 9i

  • Thursday, 9 to 26 April: Easter break

Finally, below you will find the final photo shoot schedule for our yearbook and website.

Please inform your children accordingly and note the following:

The meeting place for the shoot is in front of the playground. Please be there at your scheduled time sharp! Dress code for all teachers and staff: SMART CASUAL Dress code for pupils: GESM shirt (polo shirt, t-shirt, jacket, etc.)

On behalf of our international secondary team, we wish you all an enjoyable weekend and lots of luck to all our grade 9i students for the studying they have ahead of them! Good luck guys, we are right behind you!

GESM International Secondary Teachers


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