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Élyseé Treaty at the German, English and French Preschools!

von Sylvie Weyer

On Monday, January 23, we celebrated together with the English, German and French kindergarten Treaty Elyseé. We had 2x 4 stations in which the children could participate. The flags of Germany and France were created together with crepe balls. Filipino games were played with all the children and the song "Auf der Brück' von Avignon" was danced in German, French and English. This catchy tune is still in the ears of some of the children.

From Wednesday to Thursday there was a 24h Swimming Challenge, which we watched on Thursday. Afterwards there was a big closing ceremony on the sports field. Maurice Koné had agreed to go up to the stands to pick up an award for the Vorschule and Kindergarten's efforts in the week-long event. Sky Chin likewise represented the Early Years in receiving their award. Thank you so much, Maurice & Sky! We hung this award in our classrooms. Afterwards, all the students lined up in pre-drawn stars on the sports field and waved to the drones circling above. Finally, we danced a final dance together. It was an exciting day.


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