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Treaty of Élysée

The German European School Manila and the Lycée Français de Manille commemorated the Treaty of Élysée that was signed on January 22, 1963 by German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer and President Charles de Gaulle.

We were joined by His Excellency, French Ambassador Nicolas Galey and German Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission Dr. Roland Schissau.

An exhibition was on display at the lobby where students explained what the treaty means for both countries as well as for both schools. A short programme at the Aula followed. Our headmasters Mr. Christoph Boris Frank (DESM) and Mr. Stephane Ravache (LFM) made the opening remarks followed by speeches from our guests of honour and speakers. Both Ambassador Galey and Dr. Schissau stressed about the importance of this cooperation between the two countries, our commitment to the world and how students in the Eurocampus who are exposed to this partnership have the responsibility to strengthen and sustain it.

The group then proceeded to the classrooms of LFM and DESM Grade 9 (German section) to have a more in-depth discussion and exchange of ideas about the Treaty of Élysée and what it means to our students.

The morning ended with the traditional football friendly between students. At the final whistle, teams were tied at 2-2. School officials decided that in the spirit of friendship, we declare both teams as winners!


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