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Update: GESM Prom '20

Dear members of the GESM community,

The student council would like to thank the parents and the students who took the time to give feedback regarding last week’s “Save the Date” Prom invitation.

Even though the GESM student council carefully considered the date (April 9), trying to find a date that suits everybody proves to be very difficult. Priority of the GESM student council is to organize a joint Eurocampus Prom with LFM, which all grades 9-12 of both schools will be able to attend, regardless of their faith and despite the differing exam schedules.

On Monday Jan 27, the decision was made to go back to the drawing board to try and find a new date in close cooperation with the LFM student council and GESM IB12 representatives.

Families that marked April 9 in their calendars for Prom, you may release the date. We hope for your understanding should this have caused any inconveniences for your family.

Finding consensus among so many different interest groups is never easy, but what the GESM student council should be commended for is showing the initiative to get this joint project off the ground as early as January and making real moves to push the planning forward.

The student councils of both schools look forward to working with each other and have already scheduled a meeting to get the discussion going.

Please keep an eye out for updates in the coming weeks.

With kind regards,

Ms. Christina Bärtges


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