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Vibrant Farewell: Highlights of GESM's Diverse Year-End Events

The German European School Manila (GESM) bid farewell to another memorable school year with a series of exciting events that showcased the talents and achievements of its students. From the Year-Ender of Kindergarten & Early Years to the Year-End Ceremony for English Section Primary and Secondary, the school buzzed with energy and celebration.

The young ones from the Kindergarten and Early Years stole the show with their adorable performances, and the pre-primary kids received special "Moving Up" gifts as they transitioned to Grade 1. The Music Fest in both the Primary and Secondary sections brought forth impressive displays of musical skills, from song numbers to rock band performances.

The Moving Up Ceremony for the English Section Primary was a momentous occasion where each class presented their performances and received well-deserved awards. The announcement of House Bremen as the Primary Student House Champion added to the excitement. The Secondary Music Fest showcased the talents of Grades 5D to 10D and Grades 6E to 10E, including a thrilling performance by the school rock band, "Pancit Canton."

In the German Section Secondary, the theater performance of "Sprachabschneider" by Hans Joachim Schädlich by Grades 5D and 6D captivated the audience, earning the students a well-deserved double bow. Lastly, the Year-End event for English Secondary and Grade 11 included award presentations and a heartfelt tribute to departing teachers, including Mr. Santanu Bhowmik and Mrs. Valerie Cornelissen.

These events marked the culmination of a successful school year, filled with achievements, growth, and cherished memories. As the students and teachers bid their farewells, they reflected on the journey they shared and eagerly anticipated the adventures that lie ahead.


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