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XMUN Helps Scale NEW MUN Heights for GESM!

by Jeffrey Troyer

GESM’s Model United Nations group were delighted to be a part of the 5th edition of Xavier School’s Model UN, taking place over three days from March 22nd through the 25th.  This conference marked the first time GESM has had full attendance at three MUN’s in a school year, having participated in MUN LOCALS last September and the MUN Assembly in February.  Over 700 delegates and support personnel were assembled, official making it the largest High School MUN ever in the Philippines!

Kicking off the event on Day 1, the students were treated to a Keynote speech and Q and A by the venerable and highly awarded local journalist Vergel O. Santos.  This address highlighted the importance of a free press to the development of constitutionally granted liberties and be the “watchdog of the people”. Without it, he said that the development of a “plurality of views” that is necessary to sustain a healthy, politically free society, is in danger.

Day 2 began with students returning to their committees like the HOC (Historical Committee) doing an examination of the Spanish Civil War, as well as the ICJ (International Court of Justice) and NATO and even an International Olympic Committee.

Day 3 dawned and the last of the resolution debating done before it was time to head to the final plenary session for the awards ceremony and final speeches. Receiving a verbal commendation for her efforts in being a judge for the ICJ was Reeja Subramanian (Gr. 11). Also in attendance were Navya Sharma (Gr. 11), Audrey Van Veldhuizen (Gr. 11), Ayaana Singh (Gr.11), Yam Ben Ari (Gr. 11) Cassandra Capinpin (Gr. 11), Ryan Weick and Nathania “Jia” Chiu (Gr.11).

Our giant takeaway of this and all MUN events is the growth of those who participated. Those IB-1 students who attended demonstrated valuable leadership, writing and oral speaking skills, not to mention a vast amount of real-world knowledge.  On the whole, the GESM student-delegates who attended walked away with a great deal of confidence, not to mention lasting relationships with many of those involved in the training events and conferences.



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