Primary Years Programme

The Primary Years Programme offers a balance between learning about or through different subject areas and learning beyond them. Students study six units of inquiry each year which are framed by six global themes:

  1. Who We Are

  2. Where We Are in Place and Time

  3. How We Express Ourselves

  4. How the World Works

  5. How We Organize Ourselves

  6. Sharing the Planet

Each unit of inquiry taught is planned collaboratively by qualified PYP trained teachers. They make sure all learning engagements are significant, relevant, engaging and challenging as well as promote international mindedness among the students.

In the Early Years International Section, it is our primary belief that each individual child should be encouraged to make his own unique experiences within different social environments and situations through the use of all of his and her senses as this is how children instinctively perceive their environment. Learning through experience is an essential opportunity that will enrich each child on a holistic level. The intellectual and emotional sides of the child are both simultaneously and age appropriately developed to ensure a well-balanced and secure child enabling him or her to discover and develop strategies for dealing with the world around them.


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