Join us at German European School at Eurocampus Manila!

We are looking for highly qualified and experienced professionals, but we are also welcoming newcomers who identitfy with our school’s educational programme and are committed to its strong values. We want teachers to be critical thinkers, contributing to the school development by giving feedback, communicating in a professional way, and having a systemic understanding of school organisation. We are looking for personalities who are "different to make a difference", individuals who appreciate working in a team, take the initiative and show responsibility for school, being independent and loyal at the same time.

Our vision and mission statements says :

"We are a learning community ..." and ​​

"As professional practitioners, we reflect, learn, and grow together."

For GESM, this means that teachers are invited to be part of a community that includes the staff in its caring and responsible attitude and approach.

Be aware that the cosiness of a small school always comes with a price or an opportunity, depending on how you see it: responsibility, initiative and commitment.


You will be much more in the focus of students, parents and teachers, and you will certainly leave an imprint on this school.


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German European School Manila

Eurocampus, 75 Swaziland Street

Better Living Subdivision

1711 Parañaque City, Philippines