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Christmas Around The World

by the English Primary Teachers

With more than 20 nationalities co-learning in Primary alone, it's wonderful to hear multilingual children who can confidently express themselves in German, English and their country of origin's language. Apart from valuing language learning in German and in English, we value our students' and families' expressions relating to their identity - be it in art, singing or dancing. So, this Christmas, we celebrated it with a theme "Christmas Around The World," where students had the opportunity to share how Christmas is celebrated in their part of the world. With a solid teamwork from teachers, students and parents, our classrooms were transformed to countries celebrating Weinachten in Germany (Grade1), Jul i Norge in Norway (G2), Bada din in India (G3), Merii Kurisumasu in Japan (G4), and the Paskong Pinoy in the Philippines (G5). We were very delighted to have had Vorschule, KIGA, Kindergarten and Pre-Primary open our exhibits with their Christmas Around The World opening song and a wonderful dance performance. Our heartfelt thanks to all our wonderful teachers, teachers, students and our school management for making this year's Weinachfest a meaningful and memorable one, after 2 years!

Frohe Weinachten! Maligayang Pasko! A very merry Christmas to everyone in our school community.


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