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Connecting Countries, Sharing Experience & Understanding each other

by Fahama Dastgeer (9-I) & Jean Luc Figueras (9-I) | 30 April 2021

Goethe-Institut's project connects young people from different countries and gives the opportunity to talk about their lives, dreams and hopes. Fahama and Jean Luc from Grade 9-I report about their experience in the PASCH project. -- Marta Komicz

In the last two months we have participated in a PASCH* project: DIGI-VISION.

The goal was to get together young people from 10 countries (Australia, Neuseeland, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Germany, and the Philippines) and to create a space for creativity and reflection about the world today and the future. We used the platform WhatsApp and Veertly to connect and make calls. We did a lot of photography and made movie trailers.

It was a two-month program and we spoke in both German and English language. For us the video making was a little difficult since it took quite some time to do. Also having to do schoolwork, exams and workshop all together was a big challenge, but we are happy we managed it quite well.

We really liked the project; it was good and educative. We improved our photography skills, learned how to make videos and video trailers and we made new friends. We also had the opportunity to take part in the event DareCon! which was the closing event for our 2-month DigiVision-Project.

Thanks to DareCon! we could see the projects of other workshops, we got to experience TED talks and learned about different cultures and countries. It was very fun. We got to meet the other members from the different countries. We really enjoyed it.

We think, it was worth it to take part in this Pasch project. We learned a lot, our photography skills have improved very much, and we got to learn the art of video which was amazing.

We would like to recommend future Pasch project to other students from our school. If you have time and you can manage it well beside the schoolwork, it’s a lot of fun, meeting new people from different backgrounds and learning or improving things that you’ve always tried doing.

* PASCH stands for "Schools: Partners for the Future". The goals of the PASCH initiative are: arousing interest and enthusiasm for Germany, motivating young people to learn German and creating a worldwide network of schools.

Watch Fahama and Jean Luc's contribution to Team PH's video shown at the DareCon! below:


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