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GESM Students Shine at International Debate Competition

von Jeffrey Troyer, DP History Teacher

Two IB-1 students, Shagorika Kar and Natalie Concepcion, were part of the preliminary rounds of the 3rd edition of an international online debate competition, which took place on May 23rd. Hosted by BINUS Serpong International School in Indonesia, this well-run event saw competitors from 15 nations across the globe compete. The principal issue up for discussion was the implementation of GMO foods on a broader scale, making for an excellent topic for the government and opposition to hammer home their points.

GESM’s participation was spearheaded by Mr. Eric Espina, our IB Language and Literature teacher who, along with other GESM DP teachers, will serve as one of the invited distinguished adjudicators. This initiative resulted in both Danielle and Shagorika successfully moving on to the quarterfinal round of the competition to be held on May 25th. Also participating as judges were Mr. Thomas Decker and Mr. Jeffrey Troyer, GESM’s IB History in German and English teachers respectfully.

It is our goal as a school to provide more extra-curricular academic platforms to complement our MUN activities at GESM. From the valuable leadership, writing and oral speaking skills to the vast amount of real-world knowledge students can amass, we feel these opportunities provide important foundations for enhanced confidence and life-skills, that will benefit them both during and after their time at GESM.


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