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Inter-House Science Investigatory Project Challenge

by Viola Buck | 28 May 2021

The Houses of Primary successfully launched another meaningful event where children were encouraged to collaborate, think critically, and solve problems of some of the pressing concerns they see around them. Last May 5th, the children competed and presented their work in our Inter-House Science Investigatory Project Challenge. The Houses investigated tirelessly in their House channels with their mentors conducting experiments, surveys and doing their research.

House of Berlin is our three-times champion in a row with their well-detailed and well-presented project about land waste reduction through composting and recycling. House of Münster conducted a very good experiment about the importance of hand washing and wearing masks in these pandemic times. House of Bremen presented their water filtration project and finally, we have the House of Frankfurt with their recycled bird feeder. We are grateful to our judges who accepted our invitation for our event, namely Mr Santos, Ms Ruiz and Mr Alejandrino - Our judges were very impressed at how the children worked collaboratively to help their House complete their projects. We, their teachers were very pleased to see that the objectives of this program were met which are: To hone our students' collaborative, communication, research and thinking skills; To help them be aware of local or global problems so that they could take action and to understand and apply their knowledge in scientific inquiry/investigation. Well done Houses of Primary! Exciting time for our 6th Unit as these projects will be part of their learning about caring for the planet which we all share.


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