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Washing hands gets groovy at Intl Primary!

by Lawrence Buck | 1 October 2021

In the Houses of Primary, aside from encouraging social interaction across all Primary levels, we also ensure that the children are equipped with valuable Life Skills that will help them in their day-to-day lives. The last House meeting was all about learning how to stop the spread of germs. We conducted hands-on experiments where we showed how germs can easily spread and make us sick. We showed this cool video by Peter Hollens to inspire the children to always wash their hands....oh there was a lot of dancing! Their homework was to make a video on how they wash their hands for 20 seconds and to choose a song they want to sing whilst washing their hands...and this just happened. Here's a creative video produced by Issa from the House of Münster and Ibuki from the House of Frankfurt who were inspired by Pikotaro who they actually met in person!


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