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YMUN Asia Lets GESM Meet the World!

by Jeffrey Troyer | 26 March 2021

With all of the negatives surrounding our current situation, one bright silver lining has emerged: the chance for students from around the globe to meet online to work out all of the problems Yale MUN Asia presented just such and opportunity and one GESM student took full advantage!

From Friday March 19th through Sunday March 22nd, GESM IBDP student Rasesh Barot (Gr. 11) , joined hundreds of motivated students from across the globe. Representing Canada in the WHO committee, Rasesh engaged in a heated debate about patient rights around the world and other pressing issues we face in 2021.

Before the committees were underway, keynote speaker Dustin Liu a UNA- USA youth ambassador, gave a truly appropriate speech titled “the Importance of Youth Engagement in Multilateral Affairs”.

Full of inspiration, around 500 students promptly went to their virtual committees to begin working on overcoming the world’s problems. Rasesh was an integral part of the WHO committee. He, along with other countries, co-submitted an excellent resolution that resoundingly passed the final voting round. Well done Rasesh!

This event marks GESM’s Model United Nations groups’ fourth event since the start of the school year. It has been a truly challenging time for students to focus on extra-curriculars. However, despite all of the obvious obstacles and reasons to opt out, we are extremely proud of the accomplishments and participation of every student from GESM that took the time to “be the change they wish to see in the world”.


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