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Dissections? Specialized cells? Energy sources?

The Joy Of Hands-On Experiments

by Michael Cumar, Veronika Garga, and Grisela Marti

“Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand”

- Chinese Proverb –

Science is all about discovery and embedded into our everyday life. As we live in an increasingly technological and scientific world, every student must be scientifically literate to succeed. To achieve this, GESM science teachers highly emphasize and integrate the importance of hands-on practical and experimental investigations in our lessons.

Ever since we re-started face-to-face school, we are loving our laboratories! From dissections to conduction of heat, from microscopy to carrying out complex investigations, the International Secondary students have been very busy this first part of the semester.

While grade 6e was occupied constructing dichotomous key using models, creating awareness of endangered species, using a microscope for the first time, or investigating root hair cells from germinating seeds; grade 7e immersed themselves in human physiology, creating models of the arm and investigating the production of carbon dioxide in respiring living organisms. Grade 8e investigated the role of leaves in the wonderful process of photosynthesis. Students also further deepened their understanding of the role of heat energy in various chemical processes.

IGCSE students grew bacterial cultures to demonstrate that bacteria are everywhere, including the screens of your phones or computers! In grade 9e they performed a practical investigation of the motion of everyday objects and in chemistry, they were able to explore the physical and chemical properties through reactions of various substances.

Human Biology students were not left out either, grade 10e got a chance to dissect the whole head of an animal to investigate brain and eye structures, and even demonstrated some of the skills to grade 6e students!

That is just a glimpse into the magnitude of experiences we do throughout the year. Let your children share their stories and observations at home 😊


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