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Featured Student Work: "An Outlaw's Journey"

by Santino Sixto Javier, 7-I | 15 Jan 2021

Now the Van der Linde gang had started to gain some notoriety after their successful train robbery. The Pinkerton detective agency were on their tracks and it started a war the state of New Hanover would never see the likes of again. They were able to gain 360$ from the train robbery where Arthur, John, Bill, and Conor each got a cut of 90$, Bill used the money on alcohol and tobacco, John bought a new horse named Rachel, Conor bought camp supplies for the gang and Pearson, and Arthur bought a new Schofield revolver with improved rifling, a pearl grip with a cougar engraving and several skull type engravings. “I got a lead that there will be a transfer of money by carriage” Arthur reported to Conor.

“Nice work Arthur tomorrow we ride for Mexico boys!” Conor heartily announced. The next morning at the break of dawn they rode out to Mexico. A long the path they found a bunch of men fist fighting with one man fighting 4 and coming out on top.

“What’s your name son?” Conor inquired.

“Javier, Javier Escuella” the man replied.

Javier ended up joining the gang and would be one of the last survivors. The gang found the bank and waited for the carriage to get out. They put on their bandanas saddles their horses and got ready to rob, Arthur and John Galloped to the front of the carriage and pulled the driver but the guard wouldn’t cooperate, so John capped him. After that, the remaining gang members in the rear shot open the locks of the carriage and counted 6 pure gold bars and an extra 400$. “Those bars are worth 300$ each” Javier added. Another successful robbery with 2200$ and each member with 440$. The gang proceeded to enter a bar in the town of Armadillo and were confronted by Agent Ross of the Pinkerton detective agency.

“I’m warning you fellers to not rob a single penny ever again unless you want the Pinkertons chasing you till your last breath”

Conor drew his revolver and there was a great shoot out with the gang coming out on top. But would it stay that way? Only time can tell.


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