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Featured Student Work: "The Code"

submitted anonymously by a pupil of Grade 8-I | 30 April 2021

It was the beginning of what Jeff thought was going to be a normal day. Jeff was the janitor for the tallest building on earth. He woke up at 5 am in the morning, put his shirt on and started going to work right away. The building had 100 floors of shops, offices and public space so there was always a lot to do. Jeff started off with the lobby on the first floor. He had to clean the floor very carefully because the owner of the building. Christofer and his wife Margerett were schedule to arrive at 7 am and Jeff had to clean every major floor of the building as best as he could. In the lobby there was a picture of a deer that the owner liked very much, Jeff had to be especially careful while cleaning it. When he was done with cleaning the lobby, he went to the owner’s office on the fifth floor and cleaned the owner’s table without moving any of Christopher’s belongings. After he was done, he noticed that there was a book out of place in Christopher’s bookshelf. It took a little bit of time for Jeff to find the right location because Christopher had a lot of book and he wanted the book to be arranged alphabetically and by color. By the time he was done it was already 7 am, Christopher and his wife were about to come into the building, so he quickly got to the main lobby and waited for them to arrive.

When the clock reached 7 am. Jeff saw a fancy looking car parked right in front of the building. Christopher was the first to step out of the car. He was wearing a very fancy blue suit, holding a cane in his right hand and holding a pipe in his left hand. The next to come out of the car was Margerett the owner’s wife. She was wearing a fancy purple dress with a very a nice pearl neckless and a diamond ring on her left hand. When Jeff thought that everyone was already out of the car, he saw a new face he had never seen before. He seemed to be younger than both Christofer and Margerett, possibly in his teen years. He was wearing a very nice blue shirt and a long black pant with black hair and blue eyes and was also quite tall. Jeff wondered who he could be but didn’t put too much though into it. Christofer unlocked the front door and all three of them went inside. Jeff greeted Christofer and Margerett and asked the other person his name. But before he could answer, Christofer answer Jeff for him “This is my son Luke. I brought him here to see the family business.”. Jeff introduced himself to Luke as the building janitor and told Luke that if he ever needs his help, he is available. Jeff thought that Luke seemed like a very nice kid but before Jeff was done talking, three other cars parked in front of the building and three people came out of the cars. The first person was a very masculine man wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans. The next person was a woman in a white coat with a long black hair. The last person was also a woman, she was wearing a black suit, a long black pant with glasses and her hair was tired up. Christofer let them in and asked them to introduce themselves. The first person introduced himself as John. He knew Christofer because he sponsored his sport team. The next person introduced herself as Lily. She said she was hired by Christofer to be the doctor of the building. The last person introduced herself as Jenna Christofer’s personal assistant, she had been working for Christofer for about 5 years.

After everyone was done introducing themselves Christofer took them all on a tour of the building except for Jeff who was told to get back to cleaning the place. Jeff left the group and went to water the plants on the fourth floor. There were a lot of plants to water, but it didn’t take too much time. When he was done with watering the plants, he decided to take a little break and play a game on his phone. After his break was over, he went back up to the fifth floor to clean the restroom. When he walked past Christofer office he overheard Christofer and Margerett. He didn’t know what they were talking about, but he decided not to listen to them and kept walking and went to clean the restroom. After he finished with cleaning the restroom, he heard a scream from the second floor. Jeff ran to where he heard the scream and he saw Margerett holding Christofer in her arms. Christofer had a knife in his chest, Jeff ran to Christofer asking Margerett what had happened. Margerett said she doesn’t know because she was having a smoke in the smoking area and when she was done, she found Christofer lying on the floor with a knife in his chest and she screamed out for help. Jenna came and saw the scene and immediately told Jeff to help her pick up Christofer and take him to Lily for immediate medical attention.

Jeff and Jenna quickly ran to the clinic with Christofer. Jenna burst through the door and when Lily saw Christofer had a knife in his chest, she immediately asked Jeff and Jenna to put him on the bed, so she could treat his wound. Lily had asked Jeff to give her bandages so she could try to stop his bleeding wound. Jenna and Lily both tried their best to save Christofer, but his wound was too deep, and he had lost too much of his blood and so Christofer died. Jenna came back to see Christofer’s body and started to cry and when Margerett got to the clinic and saw Christofer’s body, she fainted and collapsed on the floor.

Jenna put Margerett in a chair and went outside to tell the others the bad news. Everyone was very shocked at the news, Luke ran into the clinic to see his parents and started to cry. Jeff told Luke that he felt very sorry for him and while Luke was mourning over Christofer’s death, Jenna was outside the clinic trying to make a call to break the bad news to everyone else but there was no signal. She tried to go outside the building, but the door was locked. She noticed that the door needed a sequence of numbers to unlock it, but she didn’t know the code to open it. She went back out to ask Jeff because she thought Jeff would know the code, but Jeff didn’t know the code either. He said that Christofer was the only person who knew the code and he was supposed to give it to everyone who was working there when the building officially opened, and Jeff realized that everyone was trapped in the building. Their only option was to wait for Margerett to wake up, so they could ask her about the code.

When Margerett woke up Jenna asked her if she knew the code Margerett said she didn’t. She said that Christofer was a forgetful person because of his age so he had a way of reminding himself of the code in his office. Jeff went to Luke and John to tell them that they were trap until they could find the code to the building. Jeff took them to Christofer’s room and started to look around the room for clues. Luke found a piece of paper in Christofer’s drawers. It had a weird symbol on it, but they couldn’t understand what they meant. They decided to go ask Margerett about the symbols, but she said she didn’t know what they meant. Jeff noticed what looked like a map on the back of the piece of paper, he went to the building layout map to compare it and he figured out that it was a map of the lobby and the arrow was pointing to where Jeff remembered seeing the painting. Jeff ran to the lobby and moved the painting and found another picture behind it with an instruction on how to decipher the piece of paper. While he trying to decipher the message, he heard a gun cocking behind his head and he turned around to see Luke standing behind him with a gun pointing right at him. Jeff was confused why Luke was doing this. Luke told Jeff to give him the code so Jeff handed it over and while Luke was walking away, he jumped at Luke while screaming for help. The others heard Jeff and ran over to see what was going on only to see Jeff holding down Luke with a gun in his hand but before the others could do anything Luke pushed Jeff away and pointed his gun at everyone saying that his father is not a very good person and was thinking of letting him go, so he killed his father and now that he had the code, he would use it to open his father’s vault and take all the money. While he was talking suddenly Luke got hit with a purse to the face. Jeff turned around to see Margerett and Jenna and before Luke could get back up John pinned him down to the ground and they tied him up. Now that they had the code, they could finally get out of the building but before they did Margerett took them to the vault to give them some prize money for their help. Jeff didn’t want to take it at first, but Margerett insisted on giving it to him and she also gave Jeff a promotion because she thought that he a very smart guy and she could use someone like him to be her personal assistant. She gave Jenna a paycheck for working her hardest to save Christofer, Margerett also gave John another sponsor contract for his sport team and finally she gave Lily a raise for trying her best to save Christofer and when the police arrived, they took Luke to jail and his mom cried behind him.



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