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GEB holds 1st Meeting of 2021

by Lady Garcia | 15 Jan 2021

The GEB had it’s first meeting for the year 2021 last Wednesday, January 13.

The School Headmaster Herr Christoph Boris-Frank shared relevant information to the parents as well as answered some concerns raised like the probability of face to face classes, conduct of exams for the IB and IGCSE students and school statistics like number of teachers and families still out of the country given the new travel restrictions issued by the Philippine government. A new program, IB Career Related Program (IBCP), will also be introduced this month by means of information sessions.

On the other hand, Herr Volker Ross, the School Administrator, started his report with a look back to the year 2020 and made a summary of the school activities and milestones that happened amidst the pandemic. He also shared that repairs and upgrade of school facilities are still ongoing despite of the current situation. Additional purchase of IT equipment was also made to further enhance the online learning experience of the students.

Towards the end of the meeting, an account of what transpired in between the last meeting in December to the present was given by the GEB Chair to the members who attended. The class parent representatives will convene again as a whole this February.


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