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GEB Meeting, May 2021

by Lady Garcia | 14 May 2021

The Parents’ Advisory Council (GEB) convened as a group last May 5, 2021 for their monthly meeting.

With only 2 months left of the school year, guest resource persons from the school administration, Herr Christoph Boris-Frank and Herr Volker Ross shared relevant information about the school plans for the upcoming academic year.

Most of the parents present have been waiting to hear if the school will finally be allowed to conduct face to face classes. Though restrictions are still in place by the government, the Headmaster mentioned that the school is closely coordinating with the local government of Paranaque and conveyed that they are hoping that the students will be able to come back on campus after the October break. This was indeed good news for the parents.

The Headmaster was also quick to point out that a lot of scenarios have to be put into consideration before this will happen thus a survey will be conducted in the coming weeks to get the opinion of the school community. The GEB members in attendance were also given the opportunity to communicate with the school administration their thoughts about the updates shared.

Other notable information within the meeting was the report of the Chairperson with regards to the completion of the Waste Segregation Bin Project of the group. Despite the fact that the project have experienced a delay due to the pandemic, the GEB has kept its commitment to the school. A total of 10 sets of waste bins were handed over last April 30, 2021.

The council is scheduled to meet again on June 3. Should you have any concern that needs to be given attention, kindly coordinate with your respective class parent representatives.


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