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GESM hosts more University Reps

In three different days before the Autumn break, GESM was graced by the visits of the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), the Bond University and the University of British Columbia.

The University Visits are meant to give our students an informed decision when it comes to choosing their educational and career paths after graduating from school. More than just getting to know the visiting universities, our students were also able to do workshops and different educational sessions with the university representatives.

One activity in particular that stood out was a team exercise given by UTS Southeast Asia representative Annette Lim which tested how the students functioned as a team. Here are thoughts from students Cathryn Lagemann (IB-11) and Shagorika Kar (IB-11) about the exercise:

"I think that that they had a very creative way of presenting the way they do things in their school. The short activity they gave us really showed us their values and which values and skills they focus on in their school, which was teamwork. It was a fun exercise which got us all thinking, and one which was enjoyable too. It was a reactive way of catching and holding our attention while being able to represent their university." - Cathryn

"There are advantages and disadvantages to studying at UTS, in my perspective. One advantage is that their students have convenient access to information and knowledge attributable to their impressive library infrastructure and class arrangement. Another advantage which should definitely be considered is their dedicated scholarships for IB graduates. However, the portion where students are to establish their own start-ups rather than being advised in a more sustainable position seems to be a bit complicated and unreliable." - Shagorika


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