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Happy 100 Days of School!

by Nicole Zialcita-Javier | 7 March 2022

The Early Years (Kindergarten and Pre-Primary) had a week-long celebration of the much awaited 100 Days of School! As early as Monday, they already started playing different games and created various crafts which emphasized learning and growing together in the last 100 days. These activities included, Before I Reach 100 Years Old, Superhero Addition to 100, 100 Day Crowns and Glasses.

After much anticipation, the 100th day of school finally arrived on Friday, March 4! With their crowns and glasses, the children were all ready for a fun-filled day! They started with a mystery challenge. The children solved the secret mission by working together as a team! They found the missing 9 missions around the field and were able to complete the 100 Work-out Challenge. They were all able to do 100 Workouts!

After that tiring challenge, the children were treated to some pizza. After all, the day wasn't over yet, so they needed energy for the rest of the activities. Next up, smores! Who doesn't love smores? The children shaped their crackers and cookies into number 100 and enjoyed eating them with popcorn in the playground. It was a beautiful day for a picnic.

Finally, we, the teachers presented the children their 100 Days Smarter Certificates and reminded them how proud we are of far they have come It has been our joy, honor and happiness to spend 100 Days with the Pre-Primary Sea Turtles and the Kindergarten Panda Bears Class.


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