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IB art students launch online exhibition to end Women's Month

by Shadin Kitma | 26 March 2021

If beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder, then how does the beholder judge beauty?

Two of our very own 12-graders explore this very question in a twin online exhibition to end Women's Month this March.

"What I want is for everyone to be aware that the diversity in women's bodies is beautiful." said Andrea Sanculi (IB-2), one of the student exhibitors.

Her body of work "Opening Up", explores her own struggles against body shaming and socially predicated notions of beauty. Her works include paintings on canvas and digital works dominated by images of the female form.

On the other hand, Arts HL student Sofia Mae Rivera is showcasing a virtual bearing of oneself in her exhibition entitled "The Half of Me, The Half of Us".

"There is only so much you can discover about a person by how they portray themselves… We are all a fractionally small portion of something so massive. And my art is how I intend to express my ideas, my mind and my reality, sharing a piece of myself in the process.”

The students' works are currently featured on GESM's virtual Kunsthalle at


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