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Join the 24-Hour Swim Marathon!

We invite you all to participate in this year’s 24-HOUR SWIM MARATHON  to be held from January 18 to 19 at the Eurocampus.

This event aims to raise funds for our partner charity organization, CHILDREN OF THE DUMP MANILA, an institution that supports the education and livelihood of families living in and around Metro Manila’s largest dumpsite.


You can click here to get more detailed information on what exactly the 24-HOUR SWIM MARATHON is, and how it’s supposed to benefit charity: DOWNLOAD EVENT KIT

To help us in our cause, you may either


(1) Pledge a donation;

(2) Register as a swimmer

(3) or both!


All three options are open to all! Parents, students, family members, friends,etc.


In pledging a donation or sponsoring, there are several options, see below.

The total amount you will donate will depend on the number of laps we swim in the pool within the 24-hour period. Last year’s record to beat: 6,644 laps.


For more information, please email


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