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Makati CBD for Grade 10 Geography: Finally!

von Jeffrey Troyer

On Thursday, February 16th, eight GESM students from Mr. Troyer’s Gr. 10 Edexcel Geography class embarked on the short trip to Makati CBD (Central Business District) to carry out field work. The inquiry question centered on sustainability of the structures there. Buildings were surveyed and people that work in the area were asked questions to determine various perspectives of those working in the district.

The focal point of the visit, which was the first one carried out in-person since the start of the pandemic lockdowns, centered on Grade 10 Geography students completing their all-important field studies data collection. This will greatly enhance their preparedness for the upcoming Edexcel exams this coming May and June. Once that was accomplished, the students enjoyed a nice lunch in the district before returning to GESM so that they can carry out the examination of the data.

With one more field work requirement left to study, we plan to join with the Gr. 10 Science students and go to the Parañaque Wetlands to carry out coastal field work in April.


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