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To Freedom Island and Back: GESM visits Wetland Park

submitted by Viola Buck & Anita Granados

Earlier this month, GESM primary students from both German & International Sections paid a visit to the Las Piñas-Parañaque Wetland Park (LPPWP), a little-known strip of land off the coast of Southern Metro Manila dubbed "Freedom Island."

The trip was organized in collaboration with the SCPW, the Department of Environment & Natural Resources and the LPPWP management to raise awareness concerning solid waste management and conservation of wetlands. The students impressed the lecturers (their exact words: "impressive knowledge!") with their knowledge of wetlands, its conservation, and with their curiosity about how waste ends up in water. The activity prepared by SCWP enabled the children see how trash ends up in the ocean as well as the reason for flooded roads and cities, and how improper disposal of trash clogs the drainage and the waterways. The team took GESM for a nature walk to see the plants and species endemic in LPPWP.

Unfortunately, the migratory birds known to come to the island they were not due until later in the year, but the GESM students and teachers sure had a wonderful time walking, observing, and learning together with our partner organizations!


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