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School Clinic

At GESM, safety is a priority. Despite our efforts, accidents may occur during school activities.

There are two full-time certified nurses with hospital experience who can administer first aid to students at the Eurocampus. For severe cases, we are partnered with Lifeline.

The GESM clinic is available for sudden illnesses. We offer automated external defibrillators, First Aid kits, Oxygen, nebulizers, wheelchairs, and stretchers for emergencies.


Our clinic aims to support students' physical and mental well-being by:

  • Reviewing health history and records.

  • Documenting clinic visits.

  • Maintaining supplies for minor illnesses, injuries, and emergencies.

  • Promoting healthy lifestyles.

  • Offering health counseling to students, families, and staff.

  • Identifying health concerns and providing care.

  • Administering medication with parental consent.

  • Responding to emergencies during events.

  • Providing lectures and training on First Aid.

  • Assisting in controlling communicable diseases.

During emergencies or illnesses, our staff offers first aid and a provisional diagnosis. For accurate diagnosis, visiting a hospital is recommended.

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