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Get in touch!

Our admission process typically starts with a school visit. Contact us to set an appointment for a tour of our campus, or schedule a video call if a physical visit is not yet possible.  



How to Enroll

Please be aware that you have the option to enter either of both Sections, regardless of the native language of your child. The German Section allows the enrollment of young pupils without previous knowledge of German via an integration programme, while the English (formerly "International") Section integrates children without previous knowledge of English.

Applications for admission in the Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary of the German European School Manila go through the steps indicated below:

1. First Contact
Interested families are asked to contact the school to set a visit at the school. This can be done via the buttons above or by sending an email to

2. Initial Meeting & School Visit
On this meeting, we ask for the following documents to be submitted, if possible:

  • Photocopy of the student’s passport /Reisepass (if available)

  • Last 2 Report Cards/Progress Report from the child's current/last school

  • Confidential Student Evaluation Form (Click here to download)
    This form is required for all enrolling students who have previous pre-school/schooling experience. It is to be filled out by the child's former teacher, principal or guidance counselor. 


During the visit, the interested family will see the campus, get to know the contact persons for admission and get an impression of how school life is at GESM. The families then also receive our application forms  (see #4) and are briefed about what they need to submit and fill out.

3. Assessment and Interview

The report cards and evaluation form are assessed by the Head Teacher of the child's presumptive department (primary, secondary, etc.) In special cases, we might ask an incoming student to take a short assessment or interview for Math, English, German or other general academic skills. 

At Kindergarten and Grades 1 and 2, an assessment is based on standardized observation comprising academic skills, social and personal competences.

Otherwise, the families may proceed to submit the application forms.

4. Submission of the Application Form & Other Requirements

Complete enrollment requirements:

  1. Completed Online Application Form (CLICK HERE)

  2. Form I-C Physical Examination Form Completed by a Licensed Physician - Download here

  3. Form I-DEx ID Application Form for Authorized Fetchers (optional) - Download here

  4. Form I-F Confidential Student Evaluation Form (to be completed by child’s last/current homeroom teacher)* - Download here

  5. Copy of last 2 report cards/assessment reports from last attended school / kindergarten / learning center*

  6. Copy of child’s birth certificate

  7. Copy of child’s passport

  8. Copy of child’s Philippine visa stamp on passport (if non-Philippine passport holder)

  9. Copy of child’s immunization Record

  10. Copy of parents’/legal guardians’ passports

  11. Signed School Fees & Policy document – Download here

*Primary Requirements

The requirements may be submitted via email to

GESM reserves the right to ask for additional requirements. 

5. Approval and Enrollment
Once the forms are submitted and the student is assessed by the respective Head Teacher, the family will receive an official confirmation of admission from GESM. This letter will indicate in case there are pending forms or requirements that the family still needs to accomplish or submit. 

6. Payment of Fees
Upon receipt of the confirmation of admission, the family will receive an invoice directly from the school's accounting office indicating the amount they need to settle and the deadline for payment. GESM accepts payment in cash, cheque or bank transfer. The details are indicated on the invoice. 

7. First day of school
Upon payment of the necessary fees, the family will be contacted by the school's teachers or secretariat with information about the first day of school, materials to be prepared and other details. 


Age Requirements


Families may enroll children as young as three (3) years old provided the child 

  • is toilet-trained,

  • is weaned from the bottle, and

  • can eat a meal independently. ​

Admission of children younger than three years old is possible, if the child has a sibling already enrolled at GESM, and if they fulfill the same conditions as above.


Whatever the case, admission of children in GESM is subject to an assessment by our teachers.

Promotion to Vorschule/Pre-Primary and Grade 1

Children attend GESM's Kindergarten group from ages three to five; then progress to Vorschule/Pre-Primary for ages five to six.

Children who turn five years old on or before August 31 are promoted to Vorschule/Pre-Primary.

Children who turn six years old on or before August 31 are admitted into Grade 1. 

Exceptions to the age cut-off are made if the teachers deem it fit, in discussion with the parents.



Here's a breakdown of our current school fees.




Our admission process typically starts with a school visit. Contact us to set an appointment!


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