Great Reasons to Choose Us

We have a multicultural approach to education
  • Our school is for children of every background, European, German, and International.

  • GESM is the only international school in Manila fostering European languages, cultures, and traditions.

  • Mother tongue and foreign language programmes are available from Pre-School onwards.


We are International with a global presence

  • GESM is one of 6 EUROCAMPUS schools world-wide, living the partnership with the Lycée Francais de Manille.

  • We are a member of the UNESCO school network, committed to the UN 2030 agenda, especially to sustainability and global citizenship


We have European and International standards for education


World-class facilities and excellent programmes that engage students

  • Our school maintains a modern infrastructure and state of the art science rooms.

  • Students get to experience an ecologically maintained Green Campus.

  • Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA) programme to inspire and develop students' interests and talents.

  • For the musically inclined, we have a music programme that also offers private tuition in our Music School.

We promote the holistic development of students

  • GESM is a non-selective secular* school and provides individual support for every child.

  • We regularly launch social projects to build responsibility in line with the UNESCO school programme.

  • The students become part of a nurturing school community with an atmosphere of mutual trust and confidence. We know our students well, and we continually build good relations with parents.

*GESM operates outside of the influence of a church or a religious community. Our school programme centers on tolerance and openness towards religious creeds. While Ethics is a mandatory subject, students or parents have the option to choose Religion instead of Ethics.

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German European School Manila

75 Swaziland Street

Better Living Subdivision

1711 Parañaque City, Philippines