German Section

For all interested in learning German, the German Section offers a full programme within a German linguistic and cultural setting and with a curriculum set by the German government.

Contrary to what one might believe, the German section is open also to non-German speakers. Our Kindergarten programme is set-up to allow for the immersive learning of German for children without prior knowledge of the language. Admission of non-German speaking students in the lower primary grades is also possible under certain conditions. 

So-called "lateral integrants" are also welcome to join ab initio courses of German for which certificates issued by German authorities are eligable for receipt upon completion. 

Non-German students who finish schooling at the German section get to avail all the opportunities as German nationals have, as far as opportunities for tertiary education in Germany goes. German universities are known not only for their academic standards, but also for being virtually tuition-free.

In the German section, we offer:

  • Kindergarten and Vorschule (Preschool, age group 3-6)

  • Grundschule (Primary School, Grades 1-5)

  • Mittelstufe (Middle School, Grades 6-10)​​


Like all accredited German schools abroad, the GESM follows a German curriculum according to modern standards of education set in Germany. 

Our extensive school network and our support for each other ensure mobility of our students within Asia and Germany, and support the continuity of their German speaking education worldwide.


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