For all interested in learning German, the "German" Section offers a full programme within a German setting and with a German curriculum. 

Sometimes difficult to believe, but true: Especially non - German speakers are welcome in GESM, preferably from Kindergarten onwards, or, under certain conditions, in lower Primary School.


But also other "lateral integrants" are welcome to join "ab initio" courses of German leading to valuable certificates issued by German authorities.


Finishing their school career with us, non-German students are offered all the opportunities as German nationals, as for example entrance to German universities. German universities are not only known for their academic standard, but also for being state-funded and therefore free of charge, offering career prospects in German-speaking countries and worldwide.

In the German section, we offer:

  • Kindergarten and Vorschule (Preprimary, age group 3-6)

  • Grundschule (Primary school, grades 1-5)

  • Mittelstufe (Middle School, grades 6-10)​​

  • In grade 11 and 12, our students study towards the International Baccalaureate Diploma, which is equivalent to the German "Abitur" if certain conditions are met. 

  • The IB Diploma opens the door to universities in Germany and worldwide.


As all German Schools abroad we follow a German curriculum according to modern standards of education. 


Our students are or quickly become multilingual, as English is mandatory as well as French for Gymnasium students.

Our extensive school network and our support for each other ensure mobility of our students within Asia and Germany, and support the continuity of their German speaking education worldwide.

In case there are questions left: We'd love to hear from you! 

Questions about admission please address to

German European School Manila

75 Swaziland Street

Better Living Subdivision

1711 Parañaque City, Philippines