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Learning German

At the GESM, you can learn German in two different ways: together with native speakers or together with learners of German as a foreign language:

  • Native speakers or near-native speakers, together with students interested in immersion, are in the German Section. Here, classes are conducted in German and according to the school curriculum in Germany. 


  • The International Section offers German as a foreign language from kindergarten up to the IBDP (Grades 11 and 12) for learners without previous knowledge of German


For specific information about learning German in the respective sections of the school, please see the links above.

The Benefits of Learning Foreign Languages

Contrary to previous beliefs that children should focus on just one language in their formative years, research and experience support the idea of having children learn more than one language as they grow up. The skill of speaking an additional language enhances a child's abilities in many ways from problem-solving skills to collaboration and creativity, and it helps in analysing and consciously unfolding the potential of their native language, too.

Various studies have shown an improvement of the brain’s so-called "executive system” in bilinguals as they are more able to “block out irrelevant information and concentrate on the task at hand.” They are also better at “switching between different tasks without being confused.”(de Lange, Catherine My Two Minds. New Scientist. 5 May 2012)

Experts say that bilingualism should start as early as possible. One approach is through immersion schooling, where subjects such as maths are taught in the additional language or children receive equal instruction in two languages. Bilingual immersion schooling is particularly successful because children are learning from their peers, which is both intensive and motivating. 

Learning a foreign language also opens up the door to the culture embedded within this language - and helps children transcend beyond their own.

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