School Fees

(Binding part of school fee policy - valid starting August 1, 2019)

Tuition fees are reviewed annually in the month of May and the new tuition fee levels will then be posted on the website. 


1. Membership Fee in the German School Association Manila

                                                                                            150 €

The membership fee applies to one parent per family and is due at the enrolment and yearly (school year) at the 1st Quarter (August 1).

2. Entrance Fee
                                                                                       130,000 Php

The one-time entrance fee applies to every child at the enrolment for any part of the German European School Manila. No entrance fee applies to the enrolment to the toddler group. The entrance fee is to be paid in Peso only.

3. Refundable Deposit
                                                                                       130,000 Php

The no-interest bearing refundable deposit applies to every child at the enrolment the German European School Manila (incl. Kindergarten and IB). No refundable deposit applies to the enrolment for the toddler group. The refundable deposit is to be paid in Peso only.

4. Other fees and expenses
Other fees and expenses for additional activities and services in school might apply, e.g. extra curricular activities (ECA), learning support, school materials, class trips, study permits (student visa), examination fees and so on. These fees and expenses will be billed seperately if applicable. More information are available at the Administration office. 

























* The Peso tuition fee includes now 1,000 Php per student for each class fund, previously paid in cash at the beginning of the school year

*** Basic IB fees only, additional fees might apply depending on the courses taken

** Additional fees for IGCSE examinations might apply, International Section only

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Tuition fees have to be paid in EURO and PESO (e.g. Tuition fee Kindergarten is 1,630 Euro plus 148,000 Php for a full year tuition fee). If parents don‘t have access to Euro, they can pay in Peso based on a set exchange rate by the school.

Due dates for quarterly payments: August 1, November 1, February 1, May 1.

German European School Manila

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