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Where are they now?

With over four decades of providing excellent education to German and International families in the Philippines, we are always keen on learning how our past students are doing, where they are now, and what are they up to.

Below are testimonials made by former German school students who have made their own mark in the world. They reminisce about their time in the Philippines and how their experiences in our school helped mould them as adult individuals.


Verena Wriedt (1981-1991)

The journalist and television presenter Verena Wriedt, now living in Berlin, is one of the "oldest" alumni of our school, from the early days when the school was still based in Makati, before moving to the Eurocampus. Read more

German UNI-1-2.jpg

Camara Family

(2002 to 2020)

The Camara family has three children, two older sons and one girl. The Camara family was  the  first  Filipino  family  who  chose  to  send  their  children  to  the  GESM.  At  the moment, their sons are now studying in Germany and their daughter attends grade 11 of the IB Diploma Programme. Read more

Karin Schelzig und Olivia Kantner 2016.j

Karin Schelzig, (1985-1987

Karin Schelzig's family moved to Manila in 1985. She and her three brothers enrolled at the German school, which at that time, was still located in Pasig. She is now with the Asian Development Bank where her work focuses on poverty issues in the region as well as designing and implementing large social protection and poverty reduction initiatives.   Read more


Julianna Patricia Varga

(2010 - 2015)

Julianna Varga is currently a student in her final year taking up B.Sc. in Biology at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. She is a hard-working, open-minded young lady and has a strong passion for finding out how things work on a molecular level and utilising this knowledge to improve human health. With a lot of experience working in intercultural environments, she has developed excellent communication skills and is always seeking new scientific and social opportunities. After the completion of her bachelors degree, she will be studying an M.Sc. in Molecular Biosciences, majoring in cancer biology, at the University of Heidelberg/German Cancer Research Centre.Read more

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