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IB and German Universities



Studying with the IB Diploma at a German university is an exciting plan: quality of teaching is high and there are barely any tuition fees. 


Recognition of the IB

The IB Diploma is easily recognised as a German university entrance diploma if only one science subject or mathematics is taken as higher level course. 


German universities in some cases may require an additional proof of proficiency in German. But our“Deutsches Sprachdiplom Stufe II” (DSD II), which all students obtain at GESM, will meet this requirement. With the IB-Diploma combined with the DSD II IB students have the same opportunities as students from Germany to study in Germany or other German speaking countries like Austria and Switzerland.

The “German IB” (GIB)

Choosing two subjects in German represents another attractive way to achieve the IB and strengthen one's language skills at the same time. That's what "GIB" stands for. It is especially recommended to students planning to study in German speaking countries.


GESM is proud to be one of the very few schools worldwide which offer this opportunity, called “Gemischsprachiges IB”, or “German IB”. At present, Biology and History can be taken in German. In 2019/20, four subjects will be offered in German: Biology, History, Chemistry, and Mathematics.



GESM teachers and our university counsellor will guide the student to make the right choices before entering the diploma programme so that the application process to German universities will run seamlessly.


GESM has more than 15 years of successful experience of helping students from all over the world to study in Germany.

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