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IB Diploma Programme

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The German European School Manila have consistently notched a passing rate above the global average in the last IBDP assessments. 

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Our IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) is geared towards students who are planning to study at universities in German-speaking countries, and across the world. It is also open for students coming from other schools.

For those who want a seamless transition to German universities, GESM offers the so-called "German IB," an officially recognized equivalent of the Abitur

On top of the opportunities provided by the IB Diploma, our school offers support in

  • obtaining scholarships to European, and particularly German, universities

  • contact to European companies locally and abroad

  • obtaining student visas to the EU

Our teaching staff are fully qualified graduates of internationally recognized institutions from Europe and around the world, with an M.A. or the equivalent in their respective fields. The school supports teachers in their ongoing professional development by providing opportunities to attend IBDP workshops in their own field of expertise. 

IBDP Course Offerings (2022/23)

IBDP subject choices for class of 2023_P


Students of GESM's IBDP study 6 courses chosen from a pool of diverse options categorized in subject groups. 



Unlike most international schools, the GESM enables the bilingual completion of the IBDP in English and German. 


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