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International Kindergarten & Pre-Primary

The German European School Early Years International Section provides a safe, supportive, nurturing and developmentally appropriate environment that fosters social, emotional, cognitive and physical development, as well as independence, a love for learning and a strong foundation for academic success.  We embrace cultural diversity and value each child’s unique and individual qualities and needs. 



In response to the pandemic, the school embarked upon training our teachers and putting systems in place to continue to deliver learning effectively.



Under normal circumstances, Early Years has full-time classes from Monday to Friday, 7:30am–1:30pm with optional afternoon activities until 3:00pm.



Our International Section Kindergarten & Pre-Primary adheres to the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP).


It is our primary belief that each child should be encouraged to make his/her own unique experiences within different environments and situations. We believe that learning through inquiry and experience is an essential opportunity that will enrich each child on a holistic level. 

Our highly qualified and trained Primary Years Program (PYP) teachers provide challenging play-based activities that allow the use of all of the child’s senses as this is how children instinctively perceive and understand concepts.  Our aim is to enable each child to reach his/her highest potential by equipping him/her as he/she develops in his/her own path.


As an accredited German School Abroad with the quality seal of “Excellent German School Abroad,” we also give emphasis on the importance of learning and speaking the German Language.


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Nicole Zialcita-Javier

Head, International Early Years

Set an appointment via our admissions team and learn more about how we run our International Early Years Programme at the GESM.