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House System

At the German European School Manila (GESM), students are organized in Houses that transcend grade levels and sections. This House System aims to provide students with opportunities to participate in a range of weekly activities with peers from different ages groups, both sporting and academic. House activities and projects typically include inter-house sports tournaments; house charity drives for local organizations; inter-house quizzes and academic competitions.

​​Students are awarded House Points for participating in activities as well as for individual work in and out of the classroom. The points are tallied and at the end of the academic year and the winning House is awarded the House Cup.

​GESM House System's 6 key aims:

  • Promote friendly competition, teamwork and cooperation amongst the student body

  • Foster positive relationships between students in the German and English sections, and among students of different grade levels

  • Encourage participation and inclusion in school, class and extracurricular activities

  • Encourage good behavior to create a positive learning environment

  • Promote the use of German language and the importance of multilingualism

  • Provide leadership opportunities for students

The House system is intended to complement and improve school life. Each House elects two House Leaders (one from each section, German and English). House Leaders organize activities and competitions for their respective Houses and ensure inclusion and participation of all members.

There are two sets of six Student Houses, each of which comprises the secondary departments (English Secondary and Mittelstufe) and the primary departments (English Primary and Grundschule), respectively. The Houses are named after German cities: House of Berlin, House of Bremen, House of Dresden, House of Frankfurt, House of München (Munich) and House of Münster.

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