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Celebrating UNESCO World Book Day

based on text by Viola Buck

English Primary recently hosted a lively World Book Day celebration, thanks to the creative efforts of teachers Ms. Rain, Ms. Tarana, and Ms. Becky. The highlight of the celebration was undoubtedly the vibrant display of book character costumes worn by the children, which transformed the aula into a colorful literary wonderland. As students swapped books and enthusiastically showcased their costumes, the event not only promoted a love for reading but also fostered a sense of community and creativity among the participants.

Special recognition goes to our School Librarian, Ms. Lala, whose unique hosting style added an extra layer of excitement to the celebration. Her energy and enthusiasm were contagious, making the event even more enjoyable for everyone involved. And a big round of applause to our Support Teachers turned DJs, whose music kept the atmosphere lively and upbeat throughout the event!

The students shared how books help them explore the world, solve problems, and unleash their imagination and creativity. This reaffirmed the importance of encouraging reading and nurturing curiosity among our students.

Here's to many more literary adventures in the future!


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