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Christmas @ GESM 2023

The school's Christmas event on Saturday, December 10, could be described in so many ways. We could go on and on about how it was a big success, about how everyone -- students, parents, staff -- were involved, about how so much money was raised for charity and the children's class funds, etc. While all that and more is true, what it really left in us is something more profound than the coupon sales, the raffle prizes, the booth decorations or how good the Glühwein was.

It was talking and laughing with other parents and teachers. It was seeing our children play around with other kids. It was sharing good moments with friends new and old. It was a sense of security that everyone around you is connected by the same motivation that brought you and your loved ones in the same place, at the same time: family.

For some, it was a feeling lost and now returned. For others, it must have been a realization.

For all, we hope it felt like home.

Happy holidays!


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