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DSD I Orals '22

by Martin Gabel

On Monday, April 4, the time had finally come.

The exam had been postponed once so that the students had even more time to prepare thoroughly. The 10 students of the international branch and the 12 of the German branch took the exam in two exam groups, one with Mrs. Massow and Mr. Gabel as exam leaders, the other with Mr. Schlieske, the new DaF coordinator and Mrs. Choi. One student of class 11 was examined by Mr. Decker. All examinees showed that they had mastered basic presentation and conversation techniques. Of course, there were still deficits especially among the students who have not learned German for such a long time, but these deficits can easily be compensated by the time the exam is repeated next year. The result of the exam is expected in July. As always before, since the introduction of DSD 1 in 2014, most students will receive the diploma. The exam went completely smoothly and for the first time again under normal circumstances on campus.


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