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From I to We - Teambuilding Part 2 - Klasse 7D & 8D

by Ute Masow

"There is nothing good, unless you do it". (Erich Kästner)

After everyone had successfully built a raft and most of them had reached the other side of the pool dry, a new challenge was on the agenda for the following day: doing something good together for the class and others.

In concrete terms, this meant preparing a lunch menu for all students in Grades 7 and 8D plus guests.

The students divided into teams, with one group organizing the appetizer, another the main course, and finally a group creating the atmosphere that contributes significantly to a successful meal and also serving the guests.

The starter was salad - the challenge was to arrange it nicely on the plate, which the students in charge of it did very well. The main course was a sandwich, which was very tasty and well-prepared. Finally, there was a fruit plate and a watermelon, which was very artfully cut.

The tables were very nicely decorated and illuminated, also a suitable was selected music, so that it was in the sum a wonderful pleasure event. To swing the "cooking spoon" together was a great experience to experience how nice it is to give pleasure to oneself and others.

Different strengths and talents showed how community works on this second day of team building.

Many thanks also to all the teachers who supported these two days - together we are a strong team!


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