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GIB Global News: Editorial Teams of Manila, HCMC & Berlin Hold Meeting

by Cathryn Lagemann & Natalie Concepcion, IB-11

News from the DaF Department

GIB Global News is a magazine organized and written by GIB students from all over the world, from South America to Vietnam (we are now 14 GIB schools in total). Under the direction of our DaF coordinator Mr. Volker Schlieske and the media educator Maximillian Hutter from Barranquilla (Colombia) we exchange information about the different GIB schools and the schools are introduced. There are many articles on current news and situations that are relevant to us young people. Each issue has a specific theme. Students participate in GIB Global News to learn about other schools because German GIB schools are rare in any country and it is difficult to find students with the same experiences who can identify with our education.

This school year our theme is "Perspectives on Germany" and how people from different countries and cultures typically see and think about Germans. Some of the countries are the Philippines, Vietnam, and Colombia. Our school participated in an online discussion two weeks ago with the German school in HCMC (Vietnam) and a school in Berlin (Emmy-Noether-Gymnasium) and talked about their respective stereotypical descriptions of Germany and discussed how they differ from the "real" German lifestyle. We recorded the discussion and it will be available to all readers as a podcast via Scan in the new magazine. All this and much more will be in our latest magazine, which is expected to be published before the end of December.

We hope you will read it!

Your GIB Global News Editorial Team


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