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Liquid Connection: Chemistry meets Art

by Rene Reiter

In the last few weeks, Grades 8D and 9D have been studying the construction drawings of the universal genius Leonardo da Vinci in art class and have designed their own wondrous and interesting machines.

On the old drawings from the Renaissance, the students noticed that Da Vinci recorded important notes in a peculiar script. As a result, the students wanted to design their own secret writing. But that's not all, to make the drawings look as if they were 400 years old, the students started by making paper look old, which they achieved with coffee powder. The art room smelled like a coffee kitchen the whole day. Afterwards, we also had to create an old writing utensil. We carved our own nibs out of bamboo. Now all that was missing was the appropriate ink. But that's where the knowledge of art ended and the wonderful connection with the subject of chemistry arose. With Mr. Stoldt we made our own ink from bananas in the chemistry room, a real secret Philippine ink came out of it. Now all the ideas still have to be put on paper with the help of the freshly produced ink. A really exciting and interdisciplinary project!


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