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MUN sees busy year of exciting events ahead

by Jeffrey Troyer | 3 September 2021

GESM’s MUN group has been quite active over the summer in preparation for scheduled events upcoming this school year. As many conferences are embracing virtual platforms, this has opened up the possibilities of exciting new partnerships and experiences for our GESM students to broaden their skills and horizons via Model UN.

First up are the annual MUN LOCALS. This year ISM is graciously hosting the event. It will be held on September 25th as well as October 8th and 9th. Recently, they announced a new beneficiary/partnership for the conference: UNICEF. Reserved for Grades 9-12 students only this year, it promises to be a great event to kick off our activities and learn about some of the truly pressing global issues and how the international community should respond.

The next conference GESM has committed to this school is new virtual version of MUNA Assembly. Traditionally held in the beautiful United Nations WHO building in Manila, due to safety measures, this will year it will take on the title of VMUNA. Some exciting developments include the fact De La Salle University will run the event hosted by the Makati Rotary Club. In addition, an MUN Academy, in coordination with the Department of Education, has been established to recruit and train upwards of 200 public school students to be trained in the procedures and functions of Model UN by experienced MUN students. This is an excellent opportunity for our school and MUN leadership to assist in the endeavor, thus solidifying one of our commitments as a UNESCO school. We encourage GESM students to get actively involved in this worthwhile initiative!This conference date has been confirmed for January 22nd and 23rd, 2022. Lastly, the Rotary Club has stated they will be open it up to High School students worldwide. Please stay tuned for more updates on this exciting initiative and the ongoing activities of GESM’s Model United Nations Club!


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