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Musings from a student

Every day seems to get more difficult, some of us have loved ones we can't see that we are worried about. Other people have had their lives completely changed. Not because it was our choice but because of the virus. Yes, the virus is holding us back from the things we loved and still do love. As much as that holds us back… let’s find new things to love and make this time bearable. We can't waste any more time dwelling on the fact that we can’t leaveour homes or binge-watching series after series. If we continue to think about the negative aspects of this, we are going to get nowhere and this growing hate for the terms we continue in the will. It's important that we are working now on things we didn’t have the "time" to do previously. Maybe pick up an interment, learn a new skill. Break those habits you always wanted to. Talk to that person you haven’t talked to recently. Help make some one’s daya bit better. All it takes is for you to look towards the Brightside of all this chaos. Time is all we have right now, and we should use it for the things we wish we would have accomplished and want to now for our futures. Don’t forget we are in this together.


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