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News from the DaF Department

The GIB Global News Magazine

Welcome to the new issue of GIB GLOBAL NEWS magazine. We are proud to announce that the German European School Manila is now also part of the second issue with a dedicated team of students.

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Creating Learning Opportunities - The project was initiated to promote cooperation between GIB schools worldwide, to plan, implement and report on joint projects and, above all, to provide a forum for German learners around the world.

In this way, our students have the opportunity to get to know people all over the world, make friends, exchange ideas and build initial networks.

The foundation for the magazine was laid in 2021 by our current DaF coordinator Mr. Volker Schlieske, who developed the idea during the pandemic, founded a world editorial team with already 8 GIB schools at that time and led the creation of the first issue of the magazine. After a short journalistic break, the magazine is now active again. This year, the German School Barranquilla (Colombia) took over the management of the second edition.

Although this project brings together people from different cultures and countries, what they all have in common is an interest in writing articles, international cooperation and global issues. The participating GIB schools and school teams are thus setting an example for global and digital cooperation in the network of GIB schools. The themes of this second issue were digitalization and pandemics, but the magazine also features alumni reports from Germany, artwork, and a shared message of peace.

The collaboration in this issue once again spanned the globe and ranged from Latin America to Europe and Asia. Specifically, students from the following 12 GIB schools participated in this issue: - German School Ankara - German School Barranquilla - Instituto Ballester German School (Buenos Aires) - German School Cali - German School Cuenca - German School Guadalajara - German School Ho Chi Minh City - German European School Manila - German School Saint Petersburg - German School Saint Thomas Morus (Santiago de Chile) - German School Santa Cruz - Taipei European School.

The editorial teams of the respective schools meet at regular intervals for video conferences, communicate via e-mail and exchange information via WhatsApp. The editions of the GIB Global News are produced on a common digital platform, i.e. the editorial teams all work on a common document at the same time, are responsible for the layout of the articles and can also communicate with each other on this document via the platform's comment function.

Shaping the Future - The GIB Global News Magazine is designed as an organically growing project. Already by the second issue, one can see that only in the community such projects can be implemented, and so in this way the project goes far beyond the objective of many other projects.

Making Learning Visible - Through their collaborative work, students can see how the project changes and evolves, and they learn how each member of the editorial team can change the direction of the magazine. Similar to architects or sculptors, they can intervene in processes themselves at any time, shaping them and proactively influencing them while observing the changes they trigger. In this way, the editorial team members can steer the "fortunes" of the magazine by taking concrete responsibility themselves.

Lifelong Learning - Editorial teams grow with GIB Global News, and GIB Global News grows and changes with them. Accordingly, the GIB Global News has not only set itself the goal of reflecting on topics of local and global relevance, but also tries to identify and uncover real-world connections in a concept-oriented, transdisciplinary, application-oriented and research-oriented way, in order to trigger critical and deep thought processes and thus also contribute to "Global Citizenship Education" (UNESCO).

Many thanks to the GESM editorial board members Cathryn Lageman, Lara Bohn, Natalie Concepcion, Seung An Han (10i) and the editorial board and representatives in the "world editorial board" Justin Schneider and Marc Rieger (IB-1, GIB)! Well done!

If you are interested in joining the GIB Global News editorial team or have any other questions about the magazine, please feel free to contact our DaF coordinator and head of our GIB Global News school editorial team Mr. Volker Schlieske (

The GIB Global News editorial team will start working on the next magazine right after the summer vacations.

And now have fun reading!


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