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Students reflect on Earth Day

submitted by Grisela Ruiz Marti

Nessa and Alexandra (6E) reflect on Earth Day, what it means and entails for everyone's present and future.


Earth Day

by Alexandra Cheves, 6E

Earth Day was celebrated this April 22, although any day can be Earth Day, as we can always improve our lifestyle to fit to the needs of Earth. The whole school contributed to this event by turning off all air conditioners on campus for the first two periods. By doing so, we saved lots of energy. Overall, this experience was great! Even our teachers taught us all about the current world’s situation and how climate change is affecting everyone. I hope we can learn more about this problem in the future and take more action towards it.

By acknowledging Earth Day, we can advocate its current state and raise awareness to those unaware about it. We got to learn all about Earth in Science, thanks to Ms. Grisela who gave us many topics to research about! I think this was the best part, as we studied Earth in a scientific manner.

I loved looking at my classmates’ findings because there are so many interesting facts I’d never know unless this project took place. My classmate (Agil) and I researched our solar system’s model overtime, and it was such a fun experience!

(Here’s the link to our poster if you’d like to explore a bit! Solar System Model)

To conclude, I think Earth Day was a great way to educate us all and help Mother Nature, I hope next time we can relate it to some SDG Goals (Sustainable Development Goals) and incorporate sustainable methods in our everyday lives. Thank you!


Earth Day: A Reminder

by Nessa Mongia, 6E


Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22nd. Every day is Earth’s Day, but Earth Day is a mere reminder to appreciate and protect our Earth. We celebrated Earth Day in school this year, everyone around campus turned off all the lights and air conditioners, and it was a nice feeling to see everyone around campus committing to Earth and to our surroundings.


We also acquired knowledge about Mother Earth through various activities. One of these was a presentation we put together, and it was deeply fascinating to learn about many facts and myths through all my classmate’s presentations. We were also required to include a challenge in each presentation, which I deem as an extremely enthralling way of dedicating our love for Mother Earth, each challenge if carried out would greatly benefit our Earth.


I would also like to talk about the fact that Earth is changing in many ways, and not good ones. This is because of different types of pollution, which results in global warming. And the ability to solve these problems is in the hands of no one other than us humans. So, let's all work together to make the Earth a better place by carrying out some small practices such as: carpooling when possible, not throwing any waste into the ocean, planting more trees, reducing the use of single-use plastics and much, much more.


Earth Day is an incredible way to help Mother Earth and spread awareness on these matters. I would like to end by saying that Earth is the only known planet where life is possible therefore, our one and only home, so let’s join the race to make Earth a better place! Thank you!


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