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Extended Essay Support

Support for Extended Essay

We support our students in the development of their extended essays with the following:


When borrowing

Up to 20 media may be borrowed simultaneously. Just come over and visit us at the library.

Irrespective of this, borrowed media that are no longer needed should be returned promptly, so that the media are also available to other students.

When researching

We are happy to provide support with literature research in addition to the scheduled lessons in the curriculum. For this individual offer (duration: depending on the requirements, up to 60 minutes), please contact the library management. On the basis of your theme we search together for specialist literature. Likewise, questions about formal and content-related requirements regarding citation and bibliography can be answered. You can also ask specific questions during registration.


Literature on scientific work can be found in our non-fiction collection under the classification numbers 650 and 808. Here you will find information about citation forms, structure, timing, scientific writing and much more.

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