Library Regulations

Rules of Library Use

  1. Proper care of library materials and furnishings is expected of all patrons.

  2. Food and open beverages are not allowed in the Library.

  3. The Librarian must process all Library media for loan. Please refer to circulation procedures.

  4. Leave books on top of workstations if unsure of where to return them.

  5. Any behaviour that is disruptive or that hinders use of the library is prohibited. After one warning, disruptive patrons will be asked to leave.

  6. Toys, video gaming consoles, sports equipment and other electronicl non-educational gadgets are not permitted in the library. The Librarian has the right to confiscate such items at their discretion. Confiscated items may be claimed from the Librarian at the end of the school day.

  7. Loitering is not permitted. Individuals/groups with no clear purpose or not using library facilities for their intended purposes shall be asked to leave.

  8. The Library is not responsible for personal belongings left within its premises and reserves the right to inspect all bags if deemed necessary.


Return of Library Material/ Loan Extensions

All materials must be returned to the cabinet beside the library door. Please handle the books carefully to avoid damaging them. If you wish to extend the loan period, kindly inform your Librarian to avoid incurring late fees.


Failure to return Library items on the date indicated on the LOAN PERIOD SLIP will incur late fees.

  • A daily late fee of 10PHP will be charged (excluding absences, weekends and holidays) for every item, and suspension of loan priveleges will be applied until the item has been returned and the late fee has been paid.

  • Late fees will be issued by the Library and must be settled with the Accounting department of your respective school. You must show receipt of payment to resume use of Library lending facilities.

  • Loss and/or Damage of materials must be reported immediately to the Librarian. Replacement fee billing, if any, will be sent after deliberation for immediate settlement with Accounting. Substitutions or replacements for lost and damaged material may be considered, but not necessarily accepted.

  • Concerns regarding Late or Replacement Fee billings shall be addressed solely by the Librarian.

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